Melanoma – What To Do First


So the question arises, “What should I do if I think I have melanoma?” Well, first of all, go to see your family doctor right away. Let them know about it! They are the best person to refer you to some type of plastic surgeon or dermatologist, so there can be appropriate follow-up. And then, when you contact the O’Brien Firm, what we do is we follow up with the medical professionals and we get copies of your medical records.

What that helps us to do is to document your case with regard to the Viagra or the Cialis and the impact. The key, first and foremost though, is always to get the medical help you need. Don’t delay getting medical help by calling a lawyer. Instead, call your doctor first

Next Steps

If you have melanoma and you think it may have been the result of the use of Cialis or Viagra, please contact us. We’d like to help you with your claim. Now what does that mean? Does that mean a lot of time and effort on your part? No! Not really. Because what it would mean is we would send you some forms, you can fill out the forms, and then we would sit down with you and talk with you about your case.

The most important thing, far and above any legal part of this, is that you get the medical help that you need. If it’s a situation where you have melanoma, first and foremost, go see a doctor. And then, if you want to get some legal help, please feel free to call the O’Brien Firm or click on the link on this page, so that we can assist you and we can answer your questions.

How Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Work

Some people have questions about how it is that Cialis and Viagra can cause an increased risk of melanoma. Well, these drugs work on a cellular level and the pathways that they open up, unfortunately, can be the same pathways that allow melanoma to form.

And so in the study that was done, what they found was that there was a greater than 80% increase in terms of the people who were using Cialis or Viagra and their incidents of melanoma. That’s why it’s important that we take this so seriously!